Heating/cooling wall panels based on gypsum fiber board

with/without thermal insulation

product description

Sander Wall Panel is a group of panels for the construction of the wall heating/cooling. Panels are made on the basis of gypsum fiber board and designed for the construction of walls in dry wall systems.

Format XY Type Total weight of panel without water [kg] Heating capacity [W/m2] Maximum operating pressure [bar]
600 x 2000 full surface 17.5 76 4
600 x 2000 with space for electrtic socket 17.5
600 x 1200 for installation in slopes/attics 10.5


* It is possible to produce a panel with mineral wool or polystyrene insulation
** There is a choice of thickness for orders over 300 m². Available thicknesses: 12.5/15/18 mm
*** Heating capacity for the parameters (in accordance with EN 1264-5, ΔT= 15 K)
**** The lengths of the pipes in the panels have been selected in such a way as to choose from the type ensuring hydraulic balance 15


technical data

Construction material of the board: Gypsum fiber panel
Thickness (mm): 15 or 18
Coefficient λ (W/mK): 0.32
Heat insulation material: In standard version without insulation, to order insulation from rock wool
Thickness (mm): 30
Coefficient λ (W/mK): 0.037
or EPS insulation
Thickness (mm): 30
Coefficient λ (W/mK): 0.036
Transmission screen material: Aluminium
Thickness (mm): 0.1
Coefficient λ (W/mK): 200
Tube: PE-RT/EVOH/PE-RT 10 x 1.1 with anti diffusion barrier

Technical drawing

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