Smart Thermostat 1.0

product description

Smart Thermostat is used to monitor the temperature and humidity level in one zone (room). Equipped with a large and legible e-ink screen, enabling manual control of temperature rearrangement and operating mode. It can be mounted along with Smart Radiator Heat in the selected zone (room) and enables connection with additional floor temperature detector, protecting from the floor overheating.

system description

Wunda Smart is a system for managing the heat, designed to be used for flats, houses and small public utility objects. It ensures the remote control and temperature setting in any room in 2 ways – manually by using a thermostat or remotely by using an application. Wunda Smart devices enable the creation of bespoke configurations adjusted to the individual preferences and the method of control. The application is available for iOS and Android.


This application is dedicated to the system, available for IOS and Android. It allows you to:

  • control underfloor heating, radiators and air conditioning
  • air conditioning management in the room
  • adjusting geolocation settings
  • access to the 24/7 schedule (per room or heating zone) - tracking heating consumption statistics
  • hot water control
  • privileged user setting, perfect for families, businesses, public institutions
  • anti-freeze setting (setting the minimum temperature to protect the installation against freezing)
  • setting the alarm system
  • remote access from anywhere in the world  



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