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Cooling systems

Modern cooling surface systems are much more than just an air-condition. This is solution, which guarantees unknown thermal comfort, unknown until now, of course. Mystery is hidden in cooling panel installed under the ceiling.

Ceiling cooling systems

Ceiling cooling is much more than just an air-condition. It is perfect thermal comfort and esthetics at the same time. It is a cooling system ever for the most demanding Clients.

How does it work?

Mystery is hidden in cooling panels, which are assembled directly under the ceiling. According to basic laws of physics, warm air masses go up, while cold masses go down. Our idea is to take advantage of it. By cooling surface of ceilings we decrease temperature of warm air masses situated just under it, so that they start to slowly and steadily go down. Unlike in simple air-condition simple, room is cooling by radiant process, not by forced air movements. Couldn’t be easier and more comfortable.


With no doubt ceiling cooling is a perfect choice. Cold water cool down hot air masses, which than go down. Slowly falling of cool air is considered as really fancy and have nothing in common with cold and irritant for respiratory system “wind” cause by air-condition. Ceiling cooling not only guarantees thermal comfort, but also does not make both any noises, humidithy and it is hygienic.


Work in progress

Currently we work on modern ceiling cooling panels. We look for innovative, energy-saving and efficient solutions.

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