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for over 24 years we have been providing system solutions in both surface heating and cooling to the domestic and foreign markets.

We specialize in the production of plastic elements in heating systems, and we also find ourselves in hydraulic technology. We put the knowledge and experience gained over the years of work on a pedestal when creating products from modern technology tools that enrich our offer from year to year. In addition, the Sales Department, thanks to cooperation with foreign partners, successively strives to improve communication and ensures an excellent process of customers’ orders preparation.

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TiA in numbers

we produce 3 840 000 metres of edge strip per year it is even more than the distance between Kraków and Portugal
we produce 5 250 000 000 fixing elements thanks to them there were installed length of pipes that can surround the globe more than 41 times
tia's systems are mounted in over 2 314 000 households around the world

our technology, your satisfaction

We try to produce our plastic products from raw material obtained during recycling of polyethylene. It is an excellent way to create high-quality products while caring for the common good which is the natural environment.

We strive to constantly improve the production processes and work on improving the quality of our products as well as the offered services. Thanks to our commitment, we can count on the trust of our customers, and additionally, to confirm our activities, we have implemented the ISO 9001: 2015 standard into our production.

Our products, as innovative solutions in the field of heating and cooling technology, are designed to meet the expectations of customers and are adapted to the needs of the market. Some of our products are patent-protected, which guarantees their uniqueness and strengthens our position among market competition.

How do we stand out?


Our Sales Department can show off cooperation with several dozen foreign companies that distribute our products all over the world. Our underfloor heating system has been used at Buckingham Palace as an example and our products have contributed, among others, for the construction of the subway, heating football turfs and cooling ice rinks.

In our machine park we use the most innovational machines for material injection, which distinguishes us in the quality of workmanship and production speed. We are able to produce the necessary amounts of materials, as well as modify them according to the customer's needs. We are distinguished by flexibility and very opened to the ideas of our contractors, which contributes to the continuous improvement of our production.

Our products have all the necessary documentation that is important from the customer's point of view. Every year, we prepare Declarations of Performance, and we also have technical sheets with product specifications at our customers' disposa.

We work with domestic and foreign research institutes to fully control the usability and quality of our products and confirm their physical and chemical properties. We conduct research in ITB, IMBiGS, HLK (Stuttgart University), IGTE, WSPLab.

we export to over 41 countries

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