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Heating systems

Housing heating

Surface heating is widely used in new building built in traditional as well as light technology. What’s more, modern, dry underfloor heating systems enable assembling of surface heating in tenement houses and old buildings.  What is important, modern solutions let install heating on every surface of room, namely under the floor, on the wall, even on the ceiling.

Underfloor heating Underfloor heating

Traditional surface heating made in so-called wet technology is still really popular solution, especially in new, housing as well as industrial buildings. Despite dry underfloor heating systems we offer products needed while making surface heating in traditional technology, such as rails, clips for manual mounting, tacker clips, floor hook and many others. Below we present examples of underfloor heating systems components. If you would like to know more about our products, please, visit our catalogue.

Underfloor heating
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Wall heating Wall heating

In this type of surface heating heat transmission profiles are mounted in walls. Heat radiates into the room through the wall and does not cause any dust movements – this is perfect solution for those who suffer from allergies. Wall heating is used there, where traditional convection or underfloor heating cannot be installed because of technological reasons.

Wall heating
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