Pipe decoiler with rolls

product description

Pipe decoiler is used for a quick pipe unrolling during the installation of underfloor heating. The device facilitates and speeds up the work of an installer and increases the comfort of work. Pipe placed on the pipe decolier is not tangled or crashed. Easy assembly and disassembly of the device allows for its quick moving from place to place. The improved and ergonomic design makes work much easier than before. Concept change from the traditional vertical axis turnstile system to the roller system has been influenced to increase the comfort of its usage and to reduct the dimensions of the device itself. The new design allows one person to load a 600 metres long pipe coil, without lifting it.

  Single pack Pallet
Index Model Net weight (g) Quantity Dimensions (cm) Gross weight (kg) Quantity Dimensions (cm) Gross weight (kg)
F-069620 standard 15000 1 21 x 41 x 62 15 50 120 x 80 x 150 770
F-069620-T with a bag 15500 1 21 x 41 x 62 15.5 50 120 x 80 x 150 795

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