Pneumatic tacker gun T3

product description

The pneumatic tacker gun is a developed version of the manual tacker gun with a mechanism enabling an automatic insertion of clips. The tacker should be connected to a source of compressed air, e.g. a compressed air installation or a compressor. Thanks to automation, work with the device is faster and less strenuous for the user. The pneumatic tacker gun is dedicated to and works perfectly with TiA clips. The available sizes are: 38, 40, 45, 50 or 60 mm. The device has an appropriate adjustment system that protects the clips from falling out and allows to set the force of the arm returning to the base position. The improved and ergonomic design makes the work even easier. The usage of an inspection window with a flap simplifies the removal of  blocked clips inside the tacker by probable jam.

The advantages of using TiA’s Tacker gun:

  • reduced assembly time,
  • high efficiency and comfort,
  • device reliability,
  • high installation precision,
  • ease of usage,
  • solid construction high-quality materials ensure long-term use,
  • resistance to damages.
  Single pack Pallet
Index Model Net weight (g) Quantity Dimensions (cm) Gross weight (kg) Quantity Dimensions (cm) Gross weight (kg)
F-069682         pneumatic tacker gun           2900   1      36.7 x 93.4 x 6.2       3.6              


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