Eurorenova castellated mat

product description

Thermoformed, perforated mat for low-profile underfloor heating with the usage of special underlays. The mat allows to assembly a wet-built floor covering up to 3 cm high. The underfloor heating system is dedicated to renovated buildings and other buildings where the technical conditions make it impossible to perform underfloor heating in a traditional form.

  Single pack Pallet
  Pipe diameter Material Product dimensions
X/Y/Z (mm)
Net weight
Quantity (pc) Dimensions (mm) Gross
weight (kg)
Dimensions (mm) Gross
weight (kg)
  14 Polystyrene (PS) 1120 x 760 x 15 0.7 - - - 160 1200 x 800 x 2200 137



  • a mat dedicated to a very low installation by concrete screed (from 3 mm)
  • the mat holds the pipe permanently and remain it stable, so there is no need to use additional fastening elements
  • the perforation of the mat guarantees a good connection of the new screed with the already existing mineral basis
  • the mats are originally covered with an adhesive ensuring a permanent connection to the already existing mineral basis


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